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Music therapy projects


Embracing the unknown: a group journey using music, art and words

In a world constantly changing, how do we embrace uncertainty and let go of things we can´t control?
"Embracing the unknown" is a collaborative project between three therapists (music therapist, art therapist and counselor). The therapists facilitate a group journey using music, visual arts and words to explore our inner resources in times of uncertainty due to Covid-19. No experience in music or art is needed.

Musicking Together: Community Music Circle

"Musicking together" is a monthly community music circle that is open to anyone who has a love for music. It is free and it takes place at Evaro. 

During the lockdown due to Covid-19, the sessions took place online via Zoom and went weekly to keep on creating opportunities for community connections during these difficult times.

Musicking Together regularly hosts local musicians and music therapists who would like to collaborate with Sophie Sabri.

Musicking Together (1).png

Collaboration with other musicians

Collaborating opens new doors and learnings. It contributes to strengthening community connections between people from various backgrounds.

Examples of collaborative projects:
- Taonga puoro artist invited to present his work and to share his knowledge of Maori music instruments. Collaborative music making to create a sound bath with taonga puoro.
- Gypsy jazz guitarist invited to join our drumming music therapy group.
- Various artists (Ngoni player, African drumming group) invited to perform at Evaro's end of year concert.

Youtube channel

Sophie Sabri developed a Youtube channel during the lockdown 2020 to enable Evaro members to continue using music for wellbeing from their home. 

The channel includes a body percussion workshop, songs in New Zealand Sign Language with their tutorials to learn the signs, some of Evaro member's favorite songs, a guitar tutorial and call and response type songs to get as much engagement as possible.

Click below if you want to check out Sophie Sabri's Youtube channel:

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How can I use, develop and improve a collaborative music therapy practice at a day program for adults with learning disabilities?

You can read Sophie Sabri’s Master's thesis on collaboration and community here:

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