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Sophie Sabri

"My passion is to make music accessible to anyone and to use it for self-expression, life skills improvements and personal development."

About the music therapist

Sophie Sabri is a New Zealand registered music therapist based in Te Whanganui-a-Tara (Wellington). Her passion is to make music accessible to anyone and to use it for self-expression, life skills improvements, personal development and for strengthening community connections. 

She currently works part-time at Evaro, which is a community service for adults with learning disabilities and she is also available for private consultations. 

Her practice is client-centered. She observes people’s strengths, needs and interests to develop a therapeutic goal in partnership with her clients. The therapeutic strategies that she uses depend on each individual and group (eg: using the computer to create music beats, singing, dancing, improvising or composing with music instruments, drumming circles, songwriting...). 

Her practical training during the Master of Music Therapy took place at a mental health facility for teenagers and at a special school for children with very high needs. Sophie Sabri also has seven years of experience in mental health community support work. She has witnessed the importance and benefits of community participation as a path to wellbeing. 

Sophie Sabri has a background in clinical psychology. She did her training at a family mediation center in Montpellier (South of France), and at the psychiatric hospital of Lome in Togo (West Africa). She has also worked for seven years as an activity coordinator where she developed and facilitated school holiday programs for children and teenagers in France and in Greece. She has traveled a lot and her practice emphasizes on being sensitive to people’s culture. 

She is fluent in French and English, also learning Te Reo Maori and Spanish. 


Personal values


To respect partnership established with tangata whenua and honour te Tiriti o Waitangi.   


Tailoring music therapy collaboratively depending on individual strengths and goals  


Recognising whānau and community connections as a resource for wellbeing  


Using music in a fun and interactive way to reach personal goals

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